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Y4 Pacific Express



DOB: 2-24-2015

2015 NW Classic Bull Calf Champion

Sire: CF Willie Wonka FM16207

Dam: EZ Mandy FF1791


             Y4 Pacific Express 2015 5 Months Old

Y4 Pacific Express Winter 2018

Y4 Pacific Express Summer 2018

*****Y4 Pacific Express*****

We are starting to see the first calves out of Express and they long and well framed calves which are gentle and curious.

Express is a taller young bull which is still growing and hasn't filled out yet. He has an excellent growth curve. So excellent that he out performed all the known bulls, from Trangie which were sold to the public at auction from birth to age 1.

  •  Birth Weight 41
  •  Weaning Weight 452
  •  Yearling Weight 510
  •  Two Year Old Weight 892
  •  Three Year Old Weight 1150
  • Current Height 49 Inches 

Sire: CF Willie Wonka

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Dam: EZ Mandy