Y4 Ranch Lowlines

  Raising  Quality American Aberdeen Cattle

Y4 Ms Harney Gold

Y4 Ms Harney Gold Summer 2017

Birth Weight: 62 Lbs.
Weaning Weight: 494 Lbs.
Yearling Weight: 555 Lbs.
Two Year Old Weight: 1164 Lbs.
Three Year Old Wt. 1085 lbs.
Height: 51 Inches

Y4 Ms Harney Gold Spring 2015

Y4 MS Harney Gold MF 25306


Sire: CF Willie Wonka FM16207

Dam: WHCH Peewee 25305

50% Lowline 50% Chiangus


Y4 Ms Harney Gold 2016 NILE

Harney is one of the nicest made cows I have ever owned. She is a moderate sized cow which will weigh around 1250 at maturity. She has proven herself in the show ring. We are looking forward to seeing her first calf.

Sire: CF Willie Wonka

Dam: WHCH Peewee