Y4 Ranch Lowlines

  Raising  Quality American Aberdeen Cattle

Y4 Heart's Promise

Y4 Heart's Promise Summer 2017

Y4 Heart's Promise Winter 2018

Birth Weight: 62 Lbs.
Weaning Weight: 458 Lbs.
Yearling Weight: 595 Lbs.
Two Year Old Wt. 996 lbs
Yearling Height: 48 Inches
Two Year Old Height: 51 Inches

Y4 Heart's Promise Spring 2018

Y4 Heart's Promise MF 28521 DOB: 3-1-16

Sire: CF Willie Wonka

Dam: WHCH Peewee


Promise 2016

Promise is a nice heifer, she is long and deeply made. I am looking forward to showing her this year as her full sister Y4 Ms Harney Gold did so well last year.

CF Willie Wonka

WHCH Peewee