Y4 Ranch Lowlines

  Raising  Quality American Aberdeen Cattle


Heifers For Sale

Y4 Oregon Glory

Y4 Hollywood Tracey

Heifer Calves: We are offering two very nice heifer calves for sale. Glory is a Full-blood born in May 2017 and Tracey is a 3/4 American Aberdeen born in August 17. Both are weaned and ready to go.

Pairs For Sale

JE U-Dawn & Y4 Sapphire Dawn SOLD

This is a great pair. Sapphire is a stylish calf by Y4 Pacific Express. For information on Dawn. For information and Registration on Sapphire Dawn.

Whitney & Y4 Whitrock II

Whitney is a nice cow and raises a great calf. For information on Whitney. Whitrock II can be registered upon request. Information on Whitrock

Cows For Sale

Y4 Mini Moo SOLD


This gal was my first American Aberdeen Moderator. She has made us a great deal of money. She has several years left in her, but not in our desert situation. It is time to let her go. Click here to see more information.

Nova is a nice American Aberdeen full-blood who has some age on her. She has raised us some nice calves. She is just to old for desert life but has several years left in her.

Clink here to see more information.

Full-blood American Aberdeen Bulls (Lowline Angus)

Y4 Hollywood Legacy
Sire: Hollywood Gus X Dam 2L Janny

Y4 Pacific Lad
Sire: Y4 Pacific Express X Dam: FCC St Louise SOLD

Bull Calves: We have a few top bull calves which will make wonderful herd sires for your Full-blood Lowlines, Percentage Lowlines and Aberdeen Cattle. These calves are backed by Champion Genetics. Some of these bull calves we plan to show this summer. For More information give us a call. 541-589-4852

Y4 August SOLD

Y4 Lineman SOLD

Offering two recently weaned steer calves. This is a great opportunity to raise your own beef, just the way you want it. They antibiotic free and raised naturally on native forage.
Thanks to all of our 2017 and 2018 customers. Y4 Ranch wishes you prosperity with your Lowline (Aberdeen) cattle purchase. Please feel free to call if you have any questions.

We offer a few Aberdeen Plus and American Aberdeen Moderator bulls each year for sale. We have some great ones coming up in 2018 but our 2017 bulls are sold.

Y4 Colonel

This big fellow was steered 3-10-18, he is a nice fellow but he just doesn't meet our standards for a bull. He is a 3/4 American Aberdeen Moderator. Click here for registration to see his breeding. He weighed 622 today. It won't take long to finish him and he will fit nicely in your freezer..