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EZ Misty 12M

EZ Misty & Mr. Bax

EZ Misty Summer 2017

EZ Misty 12M
DOB: 5-24-2002
Registration: Full-blood FF 1788
Sire: Brambletye Union Pacific
Dam: Brambletye T983

Misty's Image-Misty's Heifer

Birth Weight: 40 lbs.
Estimated Weaning Weight: 400 lbs.
Estimated Yearling Weight: 556 lbs.
Mature Weight: 1155 lbs.
Mature Height: 46 Inches
This old gal is like the ever-ready bunny, she has produced her 12 calf this year. Her calves are simply beautiful. Her daughter Misty's Image won her class at the NILE in 2016.  At 15 years old she is still an easy keeper and carrying a lot of fat over her tail head. Her longevity and productivity is phenomenal.

Sire: Brambletye Union Pacific