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Pairs for Sale

For several years we have been working towards a American Aberdeen Plus herd. We have accomplished our goals. Now, is the time for us to sell most of our full-blood American Aberdeen herd. We are offering 20 plus full-blood cow/calf pairs.  Click Here for a list of cows which are for sale.


We are making some changes here at Y4 Ranch. For the last several years we have working toward an Aberdeen Plus herd.  We have worked hard to create cattle with low birth weight and high production. The Full-blood American Aberdeen have made great contributions. The Angus/Aberdeen cross has given us cattle we can be proud of. They have great feet, perfect utters, low birth weights, high growth rates and easy fleshing ability. The cross has given us what we feel is the perfect cow for the market of today.

With much sadness we are selling most of our Fullblood American Aberdeen Herd. Please see our sale pages for these great cow-calf pairs which are now for sale.

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