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Bull Calves: We have a few really nice half-blood and percentage bulls calves which will be perfect heifer bulls for your commercial heifers. Now labeled Aberdeen Plus. Our bull calves are out of registered Angus cows and Lowline bulls, giving you the advantage of hybrid vigor, low birth weights and a fast growing curve. 
Bull Calves: We have a few top bull calves which will make wonderful herd sires for your Fullblood Lowlines, Percentage Lowlines and Aberdeen Cattle. These calves are backed by Champion Genetics. Some of these bull calves we plan to show this summer. For More information give us a call. 541-589-4852
UF Miss Capone
Dob: 9-30-13
Sire: Spring Creek Tommy
Dam: WMF Untouchable
2015 NWSS People's Choice Champion Heifer

Capone is a beautiful long made young lowline cow by the renowned Champion WMF Untouchable which goes back to Iten's Jamie. This is a great opportunity, we have a few to many cows and Capone likes to have a fall calf. We believe she is now set-up to spring calve but not this spring as we held her over.

Sold- Thank You Suzanne & Paul Settle

Dob: 2-25-05
Sire: Brenton's Best Bruiser
Dam: LTL Conifer

Tootsie is another nice Hollywood Gus calf. It was pretty cold the day she was born and her ears froze, makes her appear like she has ear marks.

Please click on Tutu to see her main page. Tutu has given us many nice calves, Slooch, Y4 Conifer, and Y4 Tu Tone.

Sold-Thank You Suzanne & Paul Settle

Y4 Etta Mae

DOB 2-7-17

Registration: Pure-blood 32134

Sire: Jacksam

Dam: Calypso

Thank you Conner Githens for all your help, she will make you a nice lowline show heifer.

Y4 Tootsie
Dob: 2-13-17 PF 32135 BW: 42
Sire: Hollywood Gus
Dam: Tutuilla

Registration:  Purebred

This offering is for a lowline cow and heifer calf pair. Tutu raises nice calves and Tootsie is no exception. We really like this great cow, she has lots of years left in her, but not for a desert operation like ours. She is still in great shape and we are turning her back outside this spring, but in the future she will need more care than we can give her. She still has all of her teeth and is not showing her age yet.

Sold-Thank You Suzanne & Paul Settle

SD Misty's Diamond (FF27263) and her bull calf.

DOB: 03-04-2015

Sire: SD Baxter

Dam: SD Jasmine


Y4 Diamond Jim Dob: 2-28-2017

Sire: Jacksam

Thank you Matt Githens for your purchase

Calypso (PF 24328 ) DOB 06/26/11

87.5% Lowline 12.5% Buelingo


Sire: SS Thibault (FM6112)

Dam: Bendigo (MF22138)

Calypso and Y4 Etta Mae sell as a cow-calf pair.

Thank you Matt Githens for your purchase



Sire: CF Willie Wonka

Dam: UF Miss Capone


Kappy's dam was the 2015 NWSS People's choice heifer and she is a looker. This little man should be too.  He was born late and we felt he would make a great steer. He should show well or just fit in your freezer when the time comes. Pictured Fall 2016

SOLD Thank you Trevor

Y4 Kubo  DOB: 8-9-16


Sire: LG Cowan

Dam: AW Faline


Pictured Fall 2016

SOLD Thank you Trevor

Thanks to all of our 2016 & 2017 customers. Y4 Ranch wishes you prosperity with your Lowline cattle purchase. Please feel free to call if you have any questions.