Y4 Ranch Lowlines
Raising Quality Lowline
Aberdeen Angus Cattle

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2017 American Aberdeen Fullblood Steers (Lowline Angus)

Y4 Whitrock

DOB: 2-27-17
Sire: Jacksam
Dam: Whitney

Y4 Osceola

DOB: 2-10-17

Sire: CF Willie Wonka

Dam: RLL Carey

Y4 Pacific Donald II


Y4 Mannix

DOB: 2-19-17

Sire: Y4 Pacific Express

Dam: MRG Jinx

Y4 The Beach Bum

DOB: 3-12-17
Sire: CF Willie Wonka
Dam: EZ Rising Sun

2017 American Aberdeen (Lowline Angus) Percentage, Moderator and Aberdeen Plus Steers

Y4 Slick

DOB: 3-8/17 1/2 Blood Aberdeen
Sire: CF Willie Wonka
Dam: Ninety-Two